Ancestral Medicine July Newsletter
Ancestral Medicine July Newsletter
Greetings all.

I hope you're in good health and spirits considering the potent times. Despite multiple crises unfolding in the United States, our family is resourced and continuing to lean in.

Our three summer courses are this month's focus, and all are open for registration. Today is the last day to join Practical Animism, then this Wednesday the eleven-week summer course, Kindling the Need-Fire, begins with weekly teachings and ritual. And finally, Ancestral Lineage Healing begins July 17th. We have pandemic-friendly payment options to keep the work accessible for all, further below on each. See also a link for a talk from last week, Embracing Necessity in a Time of Pandemic.

This week I am happy to be presenting at the Shift Network's Shamanism Summit, which runs tomorrow through July 10th. Details and registration for that are here.

If there are ways that you feel our team at Ancestral Medicine can be more fully meeting the times, we're always open. Hope to see you in one of the courses and remember there's always the option to connect with one of the ancestral healing practitioners for more direct, personal support with your people and path.

With care,


Today is the last day to register for Practical Animism. Our second live call is today at 3pm US Eastern and it's not too late to join our already vibrant group!

Animism is a way of life that emphasizes relationships. Animists see the world as full of persons, both human and other-than-human, and prioritize living in respectful ways with others. Animism is largely about ethics or core values that get expressed through more or less fancy practices, rituals, and everyday habits.

Participants will learn to more firmly anchor their everyday lives and rituals in animist values, be they newly crafted or from intact traditions.
If you have previously taken Practical Animism, you can enroll again for only $90 here.
Starting this week! The need-fire is an ancient tradition of kindling a single communal flame to ritually ward off disease in times of great necessity. As we enter our second season of global pandemic, nearly everyone on Earth is navigating the impacts of social and economic upheaval, cultural uncertainty, and increased illness and death. The duration and intensity of this turbulence is impossible to know from this vantage.

We’ll gather weekly over the Northern summer (eleven weeks for 90min a week). Our meetings will be a blend of responsive teaching for the times and two experiential guided practices each gathering. Cost is flexible, from Pay-it-Forward to $250 for the 16+ hours of content to allow for folks of variable means to join.
Ancestral lineage healing refers to a process of coming into direct relationship with one’s recent and more ancient blood ancestors for personal, family, and cultural healing. This course provides a thorough and effective step-by-step approach to working with your specific lineage ancestors for this healing intention. There’s no need for a spiritual calling, specific belief system, or prior experience with the ancestors to participate.
If you have previously taken Ancestral Lineage Healing, you can enroll again for only $90 here.
We are offering a 15% discount for those who would like to take these courses together. Options include 4-month and 6-month payment plans.

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