Ancestral Medicine May Newsletter
Ancestral Medicine May Newsletter
Greetings all.

I hope you're finding what you ne
ed to navigate the times and being good with yourself amidst the many demands and uncertainty.

Summer courses are now open for registration with pandemic payment options to keep the work accessible to all. We'll continue the format of the weekly teachings and ritual convergence of the spring Bring Out Your Dead series with an eleven-week summer course, Kindling the Need-Fire, featuring all new content. This will run concurrent with our two full-length foundational offerings: Ancestral Lineage Healing and Practical Animism. Both of those courses complements the Need-Fire series, and they can also be taken together for a deep dive in ritual arts. We're hopeful this seasonal model for online learning can meet folks well, and we're excited for additional new courses in the fall.

I'm presenting at two online conferences in June -- The Wilds Beyond Climate Justice on Tuesday, June 2nd at 9:15am US Eastern (register for the summit by this Sunday, May 24th), and the Afterlife Conference: Pandemic Edition on Sunday, June 7th at 2:30pm US Eastern Time.

See below for a free full-length interview with Oloye Aikulola on the Yoruba deity (orisha) of infectious disease, Obaluaye
. Respect to diverse traditional wisdoms for navigating pandemics, and to everyone also leaning into those ways of knowing.

In yielding to concerns for everyone's safety and with some sadness Ancestral Medicine has cancelled all in-person events for 2020.

Praise to all who donated to the BIPOC scholarship fund for 2020 ancestral healing trainees! We raised nearly $16,000 since November of last year, 100% of which will go to supporting the professional development of thirteen trainees upon completion of the first cycle of their training in October. As we close out that effort, we are glad to share of a more general scholarship fund to support practitioners who are BIPOC, LGBTQ, and/or serving other-than-English-speaking populations. If you have benefitted from scholarships from Ancestral Medicine and are now in a position to 'pay-it-forward' this is one of many good options.

Ancestral Medicine is hiring for a customer service representative/administrative assistant as our team grows. If interested, please give the job application link a careful read over and know that we'll likely just keep it open for another week or so.

If you or your loved ones are facing death and could benefit from support, know that it's alright to ask for help. All of these practitioners have training in navigating those changes and the skills to offer ritual support at a distance. See the bottom of the directory page for the option to apply for low-income sessions.

Finally, a warm welcome to new folks receiving the monthly newsletter, including those in other lands. Although Ancestral Medicine staff is based in the United States, we are committed to holding our offerings in the spirit of international and cultural inclusivity.

Thanks all for your interest in the offerings here, and for doing what it is you do to care for life. Wishing you health, cunning, tenacity, and an even greater love.



Now Open for Registration!
Animism is a way of life that emphasizes relationships. Animists see the world as full of persons, both human and other-than-human, and prioritize living in respectful ways with others. Animism is largely about ethics or core values that get expressed through more or less fancy practices, rituals, and everyday habits.

This course arises from guiding hundreds of days of ritual focused on relating with spirits of place over the past two decades, and this is the third annual iteration of this offering. Participants will learn to more firmly anchor their everyday lives and rituals in animist values, be they newly crafted or from intact traditions. The approach is non-dogmatic and inclusive to people of diverse ancestries. Daniel shares conceptual frameworks, and the heart of the work is experiential. This is a core values approach to loving the Earth.
If you have previously taken Practical Animism, you can enroll again for only $90 here.
Ancestral lineage healing refers to a process of coming into direct relationship with one’s recent and more ancient blood ancestors for personal, family, and cultural healing. This course provides a thorough and effective step-by-step approach to working with your specific lineage ancestors for this healing intention. There’s no need for a spiritual calling, specific belief system, or prior experience with the ancestors to participate.

Material includes and expands upon the lineage healing method featured in the book Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing. The approach is kind, non-dogmatic, and explicitly rooted in a feminist, anti-racist, LGBTQ-friendly, decolonizing, class-aware, earth-honoring ethic without being overly politicized in ways that dampen the spirit of depth ritual work. Lessons emphasize psychological and energetic safety as well as participants’ ability to relate directly and beneficially with their own ancestors.
If you have previously taken Ancestral Lineage Healing, you can enroll again for only $90 here.
We are offering a 15% discount for those who would like to take these courses together. Options include 4-month and 6-month payment plans.
The need-fire is an ancient tradition of kindling a single communal flame to ritually ward off disease in times of great necessity. As we enter our second season of global pandemic, nearly everyone on Earth is navigating the impacts of social and economic upheaval, cultural uncertainty, and increased illness and death. The duration and intensity of this turbulence is impossible to know from this vantage.

We’ll gather weekly over the Northern summer (eleven weeks for 90min a week). Our meetings will be a blend of responsive teaching for the times and two experiential guided practices each gathering. Cost is flexible, from Pay-it-Forward to $250 for the 16+ hours of content to allow for folks of variable means to join.
Interview with Senior Priest and Teacher Oloye Aikulola
Daniel discusses Obaluaye, the Yoruba orisha/deity of infectious disease, with senior priest and teacher Oloye Aikulola. West African Orisha lineages of practice are emphasized with respect given to all branches of Yoruba tradition.

We have an extensive archive of other free media featuring Daniel's teachings as well as interviews with guest teachers.
We are continuing to build these resources, which cover a range of topics on all things ancestors, animism, ritual, and Earth reconnection.


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