Ancestral Medicine April Newsletter
Ancestral Medicine April Newsletter
Greetings good Earth people.

All of the many priorities and concerns of February and March, and then, before a time for preparation or reflection, life was quite different. Global pandemic of 2020. OK.

Our family is well enough; adapting, counting our blessings, hyper-bonding, grieving and loving in the ways of busy parents, staying close to home, meeting more of the neighbors.

Ancestral Medicine has cancelled all in-person events through mid-July; however I'm grateful for the last week's potent 5-day retreat in ancestral healing with over 30 new trainees from eight countries. Our shift as an organization in the last few years to online teaching means we're positioned to keep providing all the usual services plus a few others provided the basic infrastructure holds through the coming societal destabilization.

There are two online offerings about to begin and a third in June (details below). Foundations of Ritual starts today and registration will stay open through April 15th. This is a depth course on the basics and an outgrowth of over 20 years of immersion in ritual arts. Participants get life-long access to all materials, we have a good time with the live conferences, and it's a really supportive learning space.

Next week (Wed, April 8th) is Bring Out Your Dead, a weekly gathering that's pandemic focused and a blend of teaching, guided drop-in space for personal ancestral healing (wherever you are in that process), and group ritual for the times. If you're wondering how to actually share in ritual with others who also want to respond to the times, this is that. There are participants from over 30 countries and we may need to cap registration, so good to step in sooner if you're called. This course complements and is not redundant with Foundations of Ritual or other courses. The free teaching below gives some feel for the tone of the offering although the course will be more experiential.

Finally if you or your loved one are facing death and could benefit from support in that transition, know that it's alright to ask for help. All of these practitioners have training in navigating those changes and the skills to offer ritual support at a distance.

Wishing you resilience, flexibility, and deep Earth connection through all that's ahead.

Ritual is both art and discipline, cultivation of personal intuition and renewal of ancestral knowledge, instinctual and learnable. The styles and approaches to ritual are as diverse as people, human and otherwise, and the only ‘wrong’ ways to approach may be those that become untethered from love, wisdom, and relationality.

Topics will include relational etiquette, protection, invocation, trance, prayer, offering practice, and other elements found in many approaches to ritual arts. Participants can expect to learn skills they can apply in everyday devotions as well as one flexible framework with which to share about their experiences and approach to the sacred. Registration open through April 15.
If you have previously taken Foundations of Ritual, you can enroll again for only $60 here.
Pandemic-friendly ancestral healing, community, and ritual tending.

Join us for an ancestral healing series emerging for our current moment.
More than ever it’s time to lean in, to listen carefully, to draw near with the ancestors, to honor the spirits of disease walking the Earth, and to really get to know the old powers who steward culture change.

In this season of weekly ritual, we will:

- Join community for weekly teaching relevant to the current moment
- Work in safe space with your own ancestors for personal healing
- Engage community ritual with supportive powers for cultural healing

This is a supportive offering for those who have been working with their ancestors or who have curiosity about gathering in ritual for healing and helping in these times.

Animism gets at what people often mean when expressing a call to indigenous traditions or shamanism but does so in ways that avoid some pitfalls of those terms. Some kinds of people animists might relate with include: plants, animals, fungi, mountains, metals, fire, bodies of water, spirits of wind and weather, deities, human ancestors, star people, and others we don’t have words for in English. Animists also tend to be concerned with the welfare of our diverse human kin.

Participants will learn to more firmly anchor their everyday lives and rituals in animist values, be they newly crafted or from intact traditions. The approach is non-dogmatic and inclusive to people of diverse ancestries. Daniel shares conceptual frameworks and the heart of the work is experiential. Daniel is not an Indigenous person or presuming to represent any specific tradition (Indigenous or otherwise); this is a core values approach to loving the Earth.

This course emphasizes skills to expand your social network with the other-than-humans during a time of social distancing with the living two-legged folks.
If you have previously taken Practical Animism with Daniel, you can enroll again for only $90 here.
Love, Pandemics, & the Earth ~ a COVID-19 Meetup w/ Daniel (March 2020)
Daniel begins this community call with a short meditation, then chats disease spirits, grieving, interconnectedness, fear, love, and how to avoid hazardous new age thinking.

We have an extensive archive of other free media featuring Daniel's teachings as well as interviews with guest teachers.
We are continuing to build these resources, which cover a range of topics on all things ancestors, animism, ritual, and Earth reconnection.


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